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Title – Cuba Policy Coordinator

July 1, 2022

Background – The position will be responsible for helping the Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect (ACERE) advance its legislative, policy and regulatory work to promote renewed bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba, including an eventual lifting of the embargo.  

Responsibilities – The position is part-time, with the possibility for full-time work shared with a partner organization.  The position will report to the Steering Committee (SC), and in particular will be overseen by two co-coordinators of ACERE’s SC. Responsibilities include: 

  • Communications with congressional offices to develop interest and support on legislative initiatives; 
  • Assist in strategy and development of legislative, policy and regulatory priorities and initiatives that promote normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba; 
  • Maintain relationships with congressional and executive offices that play a role in policy-making with respect to Cuba; 
  • Drafting emails and communications with ACERE grassroots members to keep them engaged and informed; 
  • Help track oppositional legislation;
  • Communicate and work with the ACERE Steering Committee to develop legislative and executive initiatives;
  • Help maintain contact database; 
  • Lead policy campaigns centered around executive action or legislative work;

     – The ideal candidate will possess: 
  • Familiarity with US-Cuba policy, historical and contemporary relations; congressional and administrative regulations; 
  • Excellent writing and communication skills; 
  • Experience or knowledge of congressional and legislative processes (either from working as a congressional staffer or in a position that required working with and understanding the legislative process); 
  • Good research skills;
  • Spanish a plus.

Send resume, a cover letter and two references to [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 


The Alliance For Cuba Engagement And Respect

The people of Cuba have long been suffering under an economic blockade by the United States that places restrictions on food, medicine, and even economic support from relatives. President Trump not only reversed President Obama’s move to strengthen relations but further tightened the blockade. Despite high hopes, President Biden has so far failed to bring about improved relations. After 60 years of failed policy, it is time to demand a different path forward.

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