Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect

The Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect (ACERE) was created in 2020 out of an ad hoc coalition formed to push Congress for an urgent easing of the sanctions against the island — which were tightened by the current Trump administration — to help Cubans confront the economic crisis caused by necessary pandemic response measures. 

This experience demonstrated the urgent need for a permanent grassroots coalition focused on impacting policy in DC. 

You can read about activists’ effort to ease sanctions on Cuba during that pandemic, which led to the formation of ACERE: 

The acronym ACERE (pronounced ah-seh-reh) is a play on one of the most commonly used words in Cuba — slang for “friend” — and has its origins in the African efik language.  

The people of Cuba have long been suffering under an economic blockade by the United States that places restrictions on food, medicine, and even economic support from relatives. President Trump not only reversed President Obama’s move to strengthen relations but further tightened the blockade.  After 60 years of failed policy, it is time to demand a different path forward.  

ACERE will be a steady presence in Washington that will help channel the energy of thousands of activists across the country to achieve policy change that will end the blockade and promote engagement and mutual respect between the U.S. and Cuba.