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November 8th, 2021

Mr. President Biden,

We write you as Cuban entrepreneurs, business owners and cooperative members who urge you to fulfill your campaign promise to resume the path of engagement and normalization that you began under President Obama.  We call upon you to reflect on the impact of your administration’s current policies towards Cuba, which are significantly harming our businesses and families.

Through our businesses, we are working to build a strong economic future for our families so that enterprising Cubans do not feel the need to emigrate in order to have rewarding work and economic prosperity.  However, existing U.S. policy towards Cuba greatly affects our day-to-day business operations and cripples our ability to thrive. In fact, a survey of 126 Cuban entrepreneurs in 27 different economic activities conducted between April – July 2019 by a Cuban private business consulting firm found that 80% had been affected by Trump policy changes.  Of those surveyed, 64% believed U.S. financial sanctions against Cuba were particularly damaging their businesses; and 50% identified the travel ban to Cuba as having the greatest negative impact among all restrictions.  Only 1.6% said they preferred Trump’s policy of isolation and punishment over Obama’s overtures of engagement.[1]

The sanctions put in place by the Trump administration, in addition to the embargo, have directly undermined our businesses. Travel restrictions limiting the flow of U.S. visitors have significantly reduced demand for our goods and services. This, together with the closure of consular services, has diminished our ability to travel to the U.S. and directly acquire needed supplies. Cancellation of bank accounts in the U.S. for some Cuban small business owners has made financial transactions much more difficult and costly, including for receiving online payments. Measures taken against financial institutions have prompted e-payment and e-commerce platforms such as Paypal to stop providing services to us. 

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, these harmful measures have caused much hardship to our businesses, our employees and our families. It is cruel that in the middle of a global crisis, your administration is choosing to continue failed policies that directly target our livelihoods and intentionally make our lives more difficult. Furthermore, they violate international law and disregard the will of the international community. However, you have the ability to immediately undo most of them.

After a ban that lasted more than half a century, the Cuban government has finally decided to allow private businesses to operate on the island. While some limits to payroll growth and direct import/exports remain, the norms for self-employment, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and cooperatives that were passed in August allow all Cubans to create any of these private businesses. After only one month, more than 150 private SMEs and cooperatives have been created providing more than 3 thousand jobs, and joining more than half a million entrepreneurs which constitute over 30% of formal employment in Cuba.

This is a great opportunity for the private sector to accelerate its growth and provide economic independence and prosperity to business owners, employees and our families, particularly as the country faces one of the worst economic crises in recent history. We’re hopeful that the Cuban government will respond to our demands to eliminate some of the limits mentioned above, and will make good on its pledge that foreign investors—including our Cuban-American family members and friends—will be able to invest in our companies.

Reforms in U.S. policy made during your tenure as Vice President allowing for increased travel, telecom services and banking helped us substantially. We dream of the return to those days, when engagement was the official U.S. policy, producing an economic boom that benefitted us all.  We ask that you listen to us—Cuban small business owners and entrepreneurs living in Cuba—and not to a small community of Cuban-Americans who do not speak for our needs, desires and wishes to build upon the foundation of engagement between our governments.  Your administration’s policies should not be dictated by how much adversity and suffering they can cause to Cubans, but by how much they can improve our ability to prosper.

We urge you to work with the U.S. Congress to lift the embargo and to take action immediately to increase travel, trade and investment, especially given how the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, including in Cuba. We urge you to take the following immediate actions: 1) reestablish a path for remittances; 2) open travel for those subject to U.S. jurisdiction; 3) reopen the embassy in Havana; and 4) remove Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

[1]  Impact of the U.S. Government Policy towards Cuba on the Private Sector, Auge (2019). 



Oniel Díaz Castellanos

Deshidratados Habana
Oscar Fernández Estrada

Casa Seida
Seida María Rodríguez González

Alejandro González García/ Arrendamiento de habitación
Alejandro González García

Gestor de alojamiento  
Daikel Adriano Abreu Rodríguez

Renta de apartamento
Humberto Javier Inguanzo rey

CAGUAYO (Calzado Artesanal)
Rolando Ricardo Expósito

Hanoi Meneses Arocha arrendador de apartamento.
Hanoi Meneses Arocha, Arelys Alvarez Álvarez

Hostal Aguilar
Abdel Alejandro Aguilar Galarraga

Apartamento Nova
Consuelo Ameneiro Torres

Adrián René Infante Rodriguez

Suite Havana
Leandis Diaz Ramirez

Producciones PROCLE
Caridad Luisa Limonta Ewen, Jesús Fidel Matienzo Rovira

Carlos Arce
Carlos Arce Martínez

Café-Museo Revolución
Mariano Gil de Vena

Ernesto López López. Servicios de construcción, reparación y mantenimiento de inmuebles.
Ernesto López López

Ireluc Vistahabana
Margarita Florez Madan

salseando chevere
Pedro A Rodriguez Diaz

WIMS Agencia de Marketing
Yasmani J Alvarez Gómez

Yibril Massip Arrendador de Apartamento
Yibril Massip

Juankys pan
Juan carlos blain noste

Leonel Urbino

Frank Rodríguez López

Ariel canino González

D’MARIE Centro Holistico d Bienestar
Maricel Ponvert Iser

Comunidad Colaborativa y Asesores
Miguel Hernández Fernández

Producciones Villarreal
Orlando Villarreal

Tony Raul Blanco Fernandez

Miguel Angel Torres Pérez

Casa Eva
Eva Hymelin Padrón

Vogel Impresión
Felix Vogel Albisu Rodríguez

Giraluna casa de renta
Odette Pantoja

Agua de Marzo
Cintia Núñez López

Johanna Jolá

Cuba Libro
Conner G Suarez

Rancho Vista Hermosa
Misael Ponce Lugo

Gimnasio Charlotte
Yamilet gonzalez alvarez

José Ramón Sánchez Lantigua

Sidelayne Brito Herrera ( Tenedor de Libros)
Sidelayne Brito Herrera

Beatriz C Rodríguez

Valdés & Valdés apartments
Vladimir Szczypel Valdés yMalynabis Díaz Valdés

Rubén Javier Pérez Busquets (guía turístico)
Rubén Javier Pérez Busquets

Miguel Angel Paneque Rodriguez arrendador
Miguel Ángel Paneque Rodriguez

Hostal Balcones Muralla
Eduardo Richard Serrano

Joel Raurell

Michel Morales Vendedor Comprador de CD
Michel Morales Saura

Mario Rodríguez. Restaurantes
Mario Ernesto Rodríguez Guerra

Casa de Renta
Michel Bernard González

Tic Tac Boquitas
Raúl Carnota Pereda

Rey René Reina Miranda Guia Turistico
Rey René Reina Miranda

Hostal San Jose 1112 La Habana
Salvador Rodríguez Borges

Productor de materiales de construcción
Rolando Rodríguez Sánchez

Reparación y Mantenimiento de Inmuebles
Maritza Fortun Gonzalez

Rocalisa- Productor de materiales de construcción
Rolando Rodríguez Sánchez

Gregory Biniowsky

Star yap
Yunier Pérez Torres

Juguera de 15 y 42, Playa, La Habana.
Margarita López Sanchez

“Propiedad de Redys” casa de renta
Rudy Ferrer García

Irene Borges .Maestra de Arte
Irene Borges, Lara Asdrúbal Ortiz

Cuba, sol del caribe
Niurka Vargas

Restaurante Iré a Santiago
Orlando Alfaro Mendoza

Gestión inmobiliaria. La Isla.
Yovanni Cantillo Marrero, Deborah Gaspe Lopez  

La Chuchería, Restaurante
Miriam Efigenia Cruz Nuñez

Jesús Benjamín Piloto, Tenedor de Libros  
Jesús Benjamín Piloto  

Habana Estilo
Oscar Rafael Brito Carbonell

Restaurante El Farallon
Ernan Sarmiento Vento

Restaurante Cafe Ajiaco
Pedro Tejeda Torres

Hostal Aguilar Abdel 
Alejandro Aguilar Galarraga

Hostal Don Luis  
Luis Ayala Piñeiro

Hostal Dra Niurmis
Niurmis Fernández Sánchez

Dulces y Panes “El Artesano”
Yamina Valdés Maqueira

DEUS expertos contables
Marta Elisa Deus Rodríguez

Hostal Casahabana
Judith Elisa Martínez Hernández

Hostal Privilege
Olga Lidia Alemán Acosta

Casa YadirAgusti
Yadira Pérez Agusti

Guillermo Gómez/Arrendador de espacio
Guillermo Gómez Fernandez

Taxistas privado al servicio del turismo
Antonio Gómez Alonso

Doña Nieves
Robert Román

Finca “la cruz de la misión”
Belkis Senra Pino

Redys Adalberto

Restaurante La Calesa Real
Jorge Luis Peña Hernández

Coffee shop tuchy tuchi
Juan Alexander Sánchez Álvarez

Bar Restaurante Elizalde
Jaime Elizalde

CtCap. Contabilidad e Impuestos al sector privado
Enrique Ramon Ferrer Gallardo

Cafetería El Tanganazo
Sarahí de las Mercedes Romero Subirats

JACKAFE y Studios Jacas
Pedro Jacas Fernández y Mayelin Arroyo Alcalá

Donde Dorian
Dorian Carbonell Fernández

Irvin González Rosendo, Addier Kemel Acosta

Hostal Villa Martha
Rolando Amaró González

Restaurante La Casa
Alejandro Robaina Cardoso

Cafetería Falcón
Maybel Bernal Cejas

Donde Albert
Alberto Mederos Valdes

Rita&Champagne Havana
Sahily Romero Mauri

Hostal Puerto Casilda (Trinidad)
Ana Arminda Sariol Albert

Lacret 559 Tapas Bar Restaurante
Heidy Ponce Cepero

El Cojimero
Angel M. Alvarez Gonzalez

Beyond Roots
Adriana Heredia Sanchez, Jose Luis Corredera Gutierrez

Restaurante El Libanés
Ernesto Leiva Abed

Casita Encantadora y Jardín Verde Ilusión
Rita Marina Álvarez de Zayas

Jardín Verde Ilusión
Rita Marina Álvarez de Zayas

Restaurante Ideas
Liván Fuentes Arocha

Varadero 60
Luis Ernesto Morales Castillo

Blue Moon Restobar
Yudith Almaguer Calzadilla

Totalmente Express
Yudith Hernández Carbonai

Yessie Arlet Guridi Luejes

Café Solás
Luis Carlos Benvenuto Solás

La Ermita
Jorge Daniel García Salman, Martha Pérez Viñas

Paladar Restaurante Los Amigos
Roberto Garcia Abello

Restaurante Café Mambo Habana
Eulises Merencio Lías

Casa Buena Vista
Yuniesky Lopez Ponce

Casa Familiar Pretexto
Yaima Forcelledo Hernández

Álvaro Luis Maceo Pixa

Alpha-Tec Reparacion de equipos (Camagüey)
Leonardo Fernandez Diaz

Diseñador Gráfico
Adrian Enrique de Huelbes Ocaña

Alejandro Rosales Borrego

Transportista Privado
Daniel Chacon Casanovas

Casa Leo
Faustino A. Pérez Pla

VISTABANA alojamiento
Ariel Enrique Pérez Diaz

Vendedora de Bisuterias.
Elsy Orozco Palacio

Modista o sastre
Mariceli Ramírez Ortega

TonyZoo. Tienda de mascotas
Antonio Sánchez Monti

Nivia Ricardo Serrano

Servicios Técnicos
Lázaro Agustín Acosta Sánchez

Eduardo Viciana Conde

Renta Marakas
Miguel Angel Ruiz Jurado

Zoe Despaigne Creach

Villa Paradiso (Baracoa)
Manuel de Jesús Riquenes Núñez

Jorge Refresquera
Jorge Rafael Garcet Navarro

Jose Antonio Vega Hermosilla
Jose Antonio Vega Hermosilla

Hostal Estrella
Estrella Alfreda Urra Rovira

Lourdes Montañés

Los Machys
Yazaki Alonso Suarez

Fregadora Willy
Guillermo González Rivero

Control de Consumos Eléctricos
Francisco Fernández

Joel Mensajero
Joel Valdés Teuteló

Roberto Ríos – Mensajero
Roberto A. Rios del Rojo

Cafetería DMagaly
Magaly Cleger

Laura González
Maestra de alemán

Rolando Valdes. Agente de Telecomunicaciones
Rolando Valdes Finlay

Amaurys Cid Fernandez( Servicios de Belleza)
Amaurys Cid Fernández

Hostal Haydee
Haydee Vega

Digital Print
Rubén Pérez Mendoza

Andrés César Ricardo Parra

Abel Ramirez. Mecánico de equipos de combustión
Abel Ramírez Barrera

David Alejandro Borjas Lenzano

Casa Bertha y Fidel (Renta)
Bertha Elvira Morin Arocha

Hostal JJ, entre el mar y la ciudad
Fidel Chinique Rabelo

Yoandra Pérez Cabrera arrendamiento
Yoandra Pérez Cabrera

Karell Acosta Travel
Yoan Karell Acosta González

Félix Alberto moya borroto

Lourdes Dauval Leandro

Yudan Barrera Diego carpintero
Yudan Barrera Diego

Rolando Falcón Fernández (cerrajero)
Rolando Falcón Fernández

María Luisa Figueredo Peña – venta de artículos varios
María Luisa Figueredo Peña

Lidiana, arrendadora de espacios
Lidiana Carreras Brito

Jorge Ernesto Quintana Medina programador
Jorge Ernesto Quintana Medina

Orestes Rodriguez Peña – arrendamiento
Orestes Rodriguez Peña

Agente de Telecomunicaciones
Yainery Sánchez González

Vendedor de productos alimenticios
Dariel Chito Rabí

Miriam Suárez Betancourt  alquiler de habitación
Miriam Suárez Betancourt

Renta de Habitaciones
Maggy e Ivan

Agente de telecomunicaciones
Fidelina Figueroa Gálvez

Hostal Las Mercedes
Mercedes Cedeño Solís

Cafetería de alimentos ligeros
Rafael Reyes López

Renta de habitaciones
Delfin Espinosa Campos

Camila Argüelles Alonso

Diria, arrendamiento
Diria Díaz Sabatier

Carlos Conesa
Carlos Conesa Peña, Chofer privado.

Roberto Quirino Dieguez P. Servicios.
Roberto Quirino Diéguez Pérez

Maylen alvarez Fonseca

Joyería Siré
Wilfredo Siré

Restaurante Paladar Mimi (Trinidad)
Yosvel Garcia Rodriguez. Dueño del Paladar

Casa Mabel Cojimar
Mabel Blanco Carralero

Amismoda (artista independien FCBC)
Amisel Avila Martinez

Profesor de Idioma Inglés
Mónica Jiménez Ferrón

Carmen Flores Quintana

Arrendamiento de Vivienda
Susana Libertad Guerra Soriano

Daylin – Trabajador Contratado
Migdalia María Borrero Batista

Agente de telecomunicaciones
Magdevis Garces del Sol

Productor de calzado (Doble RR)
Ricardo Ernesto del Río Ventura

Taller Libre Imagen Arte y Conservación
Lázaro Ramón Sosa Morell

Casa independiente en el corazón de la ciudad de Holguín Casa de renta
Annia Tamy

Maria Caridad González, Luis Miguel Delgado

Neorge Luis Ortega Arista

La Sindical proyecto de arte
Sachie Hernández Machín


Oliesky Fabre Del Castillo

Hery SRL
Darien Baños Urquiola

Cuba esta es tu casa 
Dalhit González lazo

José Leonardo López Garmendia

Javier Santos González 

Fernando Suárez Concepción

Dofleini S.R.L.
Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes

Erick Carmona Padrón

Vélo Cuba
Nayvis Díaz Labaut

Abel Bajuelos

Cuba espuma
Diago Gilberto Toro Nápoles

Restaurante Don Pedro
Norma Contino Rodríguez.

Eduardo Bermudez

Roger Marin Mendez 

Agroindustrial la Ceiba SRL
Rolando Macias Cardenas, Rolando Macias Jimenez, Yaneisi Martinez Gonzales, Gilberto E Martinez Companioni

La Flor de Zapata
Esteban Hernández Suárez

Empresa productora de alimentos EPA
Jose Carlos Cabrera Pérez Borroto

Construcción Michel- Reparación, Mantenimiento y Habilitación de locales
Ángel Miguel Michell Pellicer, Karina Michell López.

Super Bola
Dennys de la Cruz

M&M Service s.a.
Michel Gonzalez

Eduardo Díaz Delgado  


Cooperativa de Construcción Cabildo
Presidente Orestes Vasco Rojas

Asamblea General De Socios

Cooperativa No Agropecuaria de la Construcción, Servicios de Andamios y Cofres, SANCOF 
Asamblea General de Socios en nombre de su presidente el ING. Miguel Ángel Paz Chil 

Finca La Minerva 
Presidente Israel Araújo Aguilar

Cooperativa ACERCO
Pres. Eduardo Iglesias Fidalgo y otros socios: Yerandy Duardo Ruiz, Katia Pérez Cuña, René B Pérez Álvarez, Dunier Rguez Quesada, Clara M Trujillo Rguez, Darian  Sama Muñoz, Denisse Castro, Luisa María Morell Glez, Nevys Esperanza  Martínez,  Yeleidys Romero,  Miguel Ángel Delgado,  Dyanella Tortolo,  Marbelys A Puig Delgado, Yam Sordo Martell, Odid Moreno, Inarvis Valdez Padrón, Katherine Paneque Suárez, Ulisis Batista, Gerardo Iñiguez Lata, Reinier Rodríguez Irons, Ivaniuski Fernández Suárez, Leidis Bello Reyes, Mirlene López, Gelsy R Varona Agramonte, Thaimi Aponte, Oscar R Rodríguez, Elaine Hechevarria T, Ernesto Herrera, Ricardo Taylor, Nairelis Blanco Nodarse, Sila  Yolanda More Hercia, Blanca Teresa González, Antuan Ali Carracelo, Juan Pedro Quesada,  Yunay End Girón,  Yudit Pardo Molina, Leonardo Castillo Argudin, Yosvani R Martínez, Wilian  Viciendo Ramos, Martha  Beltrán, Galia  Alonso, Lisset Nueva Mejías, Mariana  Chávez Pérez, Dania Savon, Mayde  Glez Benítez, Hilario Durruthy Mayan, Gerardo Martínez, Villalón, Jenisse García, Dagmaris Boudet, Abnel Ramírez Calzadilla, Jenney Jaime Belasco,  Guillermo Yera Fidalgo,  Indira Manzano, Laura Mustiola Mok Pavon, Litchen Moronta Wong, Claudia Zamora, Daymi Rodríguez González, Magaly Acebo, Dayron Redondo, Yacquelin Calzadilla, Elaine Guerra, Emilio Iglesia Fidalgo, Jeidy Cabrera Pedroso,  Alfredo Ocaña, Eduardo Iglesias Fidalgo,  Viviana C Sánchez Muñoz, Dagny Wita Makence,  Boris Chofer,  Ines Suárez, Dayanet Suárez,  Addla López,  Gerónimo Ruiz Rosales

UBPC El Mango
Presidente Yurien Bec Jelis

Cooperativa No Agropecuaria de Servicios de Construcción, Andamios y Cofres, SANCOF
Presidente: ING. Miguel Ángel Paz Chil y Asamblea General de Socios de SANCOF

Cooperativa de servicios técnicos Friosistem
Vicepres. ING. Enrique Guillen Toledo MsC

CNA Vitria
Presidenta Irena Martínez Rodríguez

El Biky
Pavel R. Ortega Cepeda

Luis Guerra Rosell

Rancho zaragozano
Teresa Olivera Zunzunegui

CNA. Ilusión
Nerelis Martínez Palacios, y 22 socios más

Freelancers, Artists and others

Freelancer Informatica
Josué Carballo Baños

Angel Menéndez Otero

Rafael Gámez Menéndez, comercial 
Rafael Gámez Menéndez 

La giralda affito camera 
Odalys saez alfonso 

Leonel Guevara 

El Oficio Revista de Artes Visuales
Dayron Martínez García 

Los Conquistadores
Giselle Pérez Rosabal

El Ajiaco Podcast
Elier Fernandez Guerra

Grupo creativo PATRIA
Rolando Peña Lorenzo (Roly)

DIAKA _ Proyecto de Artes Aplicadas,Diseño y Ambientación
Dianelis Garcia Sixto, Camilo Garcia Sanchez 

Rodrigo Huaimachi

NGO “Sociedad Cubana de Botánica” 
Alejandro Palmarola Bejerano (Presidente) 

Comunidad Amigos del Sagú
Yoel Fontaine Ortiz

Amigos del Casabe
Yoel Fontaine Ortiz Comercializadora de Arte
Osvaldo Canto

Iderod. Servicios constructivos
Frank Cuspinera

Limpieza de casas
Rodolfo Hernandez

Ekopeque y su Piquete
Roy Barthelemy Rodríguez

Walberto Lóriga Peña, meliponicultor
Walberto Lóriga Peña

ATABI Producciones
Josué López Lozano

Maday Diseño
Maday García Cáceres

Clases de salsa Ritmos cubanos
Juan Orestes Rodriguez Diaz, Maritza puentes Ramos

Software developer
Luis Angel Roche Broche

Sayli Sanchez Beltran

Havana Music Tours
Chaz Chambers

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    Support the Cuban people’s right to self-determination and Cuba’s sovereignty by lilting all of the sanctions that prevent the normalization of trade and travel between our two nations.

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